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Vision Karnataka 2042

Preparation of Action Plan and Document of Vision Karnataka 2042 is underway. Vision Karnataka 2042 will be guided by the aspiration for Karnataka@2042, like attaining new heights of prosperity; making best facilities available both in villages and cities; eliminating unnecessary interference by the Government in the lives of citizens; and building world’s most modern infrastructure.


An Action Plan and Document related to the Social Sector which includes Education Sector, is to be prepared after brainstorming with the various stakeholders which inter-alia includes Research Institutions, Universities, domain experts etc.


During the course of deliberation and ideation there will be several cross-cutting issues with each potentially impacting the other which includes global Value Chains, leveraging sunrise sectors growth, Climate change, R&D, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, employment issues, human capital development, governance etc.


For Higher Education some key issues have been identified for brainstorming and ideation which includes issues like future education, future skills, gender equality, R&D, innovation, entrepreneurship, employment issues etc.


The consultation process with various stakeholders is being undertaken by also For Consultation on Vi2042 it is intended to elicit the inputs of stakeholders on the identified issues in the form of questionnaire below.

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