ASSEMBLY Centric Political Strategies

One of Global Political Strategy Committee - ( GPSC.CO.IN )’s strength is embedded in the efficient election and campaign management of each constituency. Global Political Strategy Committee - ( GPSC.CO.IN ), which consists of visionary political strategists and dedicated workforce is always looking forward to taking up challenging tasks on behalf of you or your party and works relentlessly to achieve the desired results for you.

Global Political Strategy Committee - ( GPSC.CO.IN ), through its trained ground workforce that is present in place across each constituency/assembly/booth is field-ready to take on active campaigning and the constituency management. We regulate and provide training for efficient and effective Ward , booth level, management for volunteers/workers and booth level management techniques.

On-ground and digital campaigning across the constituency would be based on a theme/set of themes. Theme would be based on micro-level economic, social, and financial issues and solutions. It would be created and executed keeping in mind your objectives and agenda. Unique slogans will be created, branded, and marketed for you in your respective constituency both on-ground and digitally. Global Political Strategy Committee - ( GPSC.CO.IN ) under this service emphasises on providing the especially important War- room tactics. It provides insights on War-room methods, training party functionaries and its execution. It comes up with instant solutions for difficult and different political situations during election campaign and after the elections as well.

  • On ground campaign across the assembly constituency using micro level teams consisting of filed surveyors and volunteers.

  • Mapping of battleground zones.

  • Dedicated on ground teams in battleground zones (weak and neutral areas in your assembly constituency)

  • Candidate’s campaign and day to day travel itinerary mapping before and after the announcements of polls based on factors that would ensure increased voter interactions, candidates image building and de-neutralising vulnerable zones.

  • These on ground micro level teams use Global Political Strategy Committee - ( GPSC.CO.IN )’s voter profiling and constituency profiling systems to reach out to voters across your constituency.

  • Dedicated Social media Fully Digital war-rooms.

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