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Global Political Strategy Committee is a dynamic political consulting and political marketing agency Venture by Men Media Entertainment Networks Pvt Ltd, Since 2012 . Founded By Chiranjeevi Jetty Aim is  to create path breaking strategy and effective stepts to all poilitcal candidate to create better and clear society. We operate with well equiped expert team to support all the political candidate with the right guidance every one every political candidate to take a right step.

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Our research oriented output takes varied final forms such as Opinion Polls, Exit Polls, Reports, Research Papers, Audio-Visual Programming packages for TV, Internet Programming and Social Media dissemination. Given our ability to work in multi-cultural environments and experience in establishing cross border service delivery models we can deliver our output anywhere in the word with minimal onsite footprint.



Political Strategy Consulting

Public service is the key to win people and the society, with right path of developmental activities we can can up bring the society. Our team will support you to take a right path by choosing the correct steps in your political path. We will guide you and help in development of DPR, Opinion Poll, understand your people with right survey, demographic developmental works and many more.  Win Election Race Through 360 Degrees Integrated political Campaigning Approach Different types of Political strategies.



Our experience with democratic processes and formidable skill set in determining policy direction empower us to be an active partner of the host government in public-private partnership projects. Sectors such as Educations, Resource mapping, Governance Surveys, Independent Evaluation and Policy assessment are some of the streams that have witnessed active Global Political Strategy Committee - GPSC - GVoters participation or demonstrated deploy-able capability to execute the projects satisfactorily.


Providing content outsourcing and training and set up of niche programming streams such as election programming to full fledged turn key solutions tailored for print and electronic media. Global Political Strategy Committee - GPSC is one stop shop for your consultancy needs. We successfully operated in diverse media environments such as News Agency, TV Channels, Newspapers, Magazines and Internet media. We delivered value to our clients cutting across borders. We adept and providing localized, customized consultancy suited to the milieu in which our clients operate.

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